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Surprising Duties of a Nursing Aide


Nursing aides play an essential role in healthcare in the community. They help reduce the workload for care professionals like nurses, reducing the risk of healthcare worker burnout, slow care intervention, long wait times for care, and many more. A nursing assistant also provides comfort and security for patients at home or care facilities. Surprising duties of a nursing aide or nursing assistant you may not have known about include:

  • Positioning and Turning

    Many patients and seniors are bedridden or experience mobility constraints due to chronic conditions, surgery, age-related issues, and injuries. Long periods lying on a bed or sitting down can cause painful bedsores. Professionals like our nurse aide in North Carolina help their clients or patients move and change positions regularly to prevent bedsores.

  • Vital Sign Monitoring

    Certified Nursing Assistants are also responsible for checking and monitoring vital signs. Regularly checking vital signs can help detect and manage hypertension and other health conditions.

  • Patient and Family Support

    Nursing aides also provide emotional and mental healthcare support for patients and their families. They promote peace of mind by answering questions, offering reassurance, and listening to patients’ concerns. Professionals like our medical assistant in North Carolina also help patients communicate with their families, especially problems associated with their health.

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